I am interested in the intersection of truth and beauty.


Celeste Greene is a visual artist known for her impactful abstract paintings, which reflect on themes of freedom and imprisonment, birth and death, known and unknown.

Raised in Nashville, Tenn., Greene returned after eight years of living on the west coast, running her own business as an Art Director & Photo Stylist. Greene has an undergraduate degree in studio art and business management from Belmont University. After college, she spent time living in Italy, developing her knowledge of visual and culinary artistry. Demand for her unique creative expressions is driven by her individual personal aesthetic and passion for discovery.

A variety of art forms have shaped Greene's oeuvre and have contributed to her painting style. She attributes her meditation practice and eight years experience as a yoga instructor to having directly influenced her artistic work by opening pathways into the subconscious while bridging the gap between the seen and unseen.



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Some selected accolades


Graphic Design & Illustration Annual 2016

Vector Gold Design Annual 2015

Typographic Heart

Vanguard Noteworthy Opinion Art 2014

Graphical Taxonomy

Communication Arts

FPO Magazine


The Stylus on Paper


Beautiful Design Is

Twenty-Four Hours